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10/07/2016 · 2015 WRX stock exhaust vs SPT "factory" exhaust If this is a dumb question please forgive me, as I searched the forum a bit on mobile - it's not very intuitive and did not see what I. Anyone know of a 2015 WRX stock exhaust diagram floating around the interweb? About to start modding, and I'm curious about the location of cats, resonators ect. Exhaust help!!! 2015 WRX. Just picked up my WRX over the weekend. I thought the exact same thing about the stock exhaust, I wanted something deeper. After a few hundred miles the exhaust started to sound a lot better, and after a 1000 miles, it sounds great.

2015 WRX Exhaust Comparison - Stock vs Muffler Delete Cobb AP, stock exhaust. 2015 WRX Stock vs Nameless muffler delete exhaust comparison Hey guys, Just installed my new 3" Nameless muffler delete exhaust with burnt tips. These look and sound great! This video was shot on. 13/01/2019 · The difference I have noticed is it is easy to drown out the stock exhaust with music and this one you always can hear but not in your face when cruising. Knowing how the WRX is and how that motor sounds a bit my mom has an XT so have spent a good amount of time with it, I would probably lean more towards the track edition. 01/07/2014 · Page 2- 2015 WRX stock exhaust drone General Community.

31/07/2019 · While waiting for the exhaust to arrive I got cold feet and started thinking I made the wrong choice. That it wouldn't be much different from stock. My concerns were unfounded, it is plenty loud. Over 3000 it's a rush, under 3000 it's fairly mild but definetly louder than stock. You hear the exhaust now, with stock I couldn't. 23/11/2014 · Thanks bunz for completely destroying the idea that an aftermarket exhaust couldn't improve on the stock exhaust. While this is from 's much nicer sounding than the trash can with a leaf blower attached stock WRX exhaust. Warmed up the stock system is not too bad but man is it obnoxious at cold start up. 10/10/2015 · Like many 2015/16 WRX owners, I am missing that deep boxer rumble. I have actually come to like new exhaust note, but am searching for a nice clean low note. What is everyone's favorite "deep" exhaust for the 2015 WRX? I've watched a 100 youtube videos on the Cobb, Subiespeed, Perrin, Nameless, Invidia, ETS, ect. ect. 20/10/2016 · Hey guys. So I just joined the Subie club 2015 WRX and could not be more excited. I picked it up yesterday and have loved every moment in the car. Buuuuuuut tonight I noticed white/grey smoke coming out of the tailpipes when I pulled away at a stoplight. It was still coming out once I parked and was idling. It smells very burnt, not sweet at all. I got the STi performance exhaust on my 2015 WRX. For me, it was completely worth it. After 30 seconds of driving, I knew that I made the right choice. There is a much deeper sound than the stock exhaust. It might be too loud for some more so on the inside of the car, but I love it.

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